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By- Sean Greene

One of the top hitters in the state, Charter School of Wilmington’s Madeline Matheny has been making opposing defenses sweat with the force of her spikes this season.

The junior says when the perfect set is delivered, she’s ready to roll.

“I get this big adrenaline rush, I feel my pulse racing in my chest, but when I get the big swing, it’s just awesome.”

Madeline says she picked up the sport in 4th grade, wanting to be different from those playing sports like soccer and baseball.

“Ever since then, I fell in love with it. I practiced every single time. We’re in gym class, I’m with a volleyball. We’re at recess in 5th grade, I’m with a volleyball. I’ve never dropped it since then.”

Off the court, Madeline says she enjoys molding clay and painting to unwind.

“There’s a lot of pressure with high school sports, so I feel like it’s a great chance to relax, and take some time with something.”

And Charter hopes Madeline Matheny keeps unwinding with some more kills for the Force. She is this week’s Star Health Delaware Sports Zone Athlete of the Week.


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Delaware Sports Zone
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