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By- Sean Greene

Josh Abraham had his whole life ahead of him having won the State wrestling championship.

He had lots of friends, good grades, and a scholarship to college; however, his wrestling aspirations led to an injury that later turned to a life of heroin addiction, according to his father, Richard Abraham, who is speaking out after his son was recently arrested.

“He was on honor roll his entire high school years, he was a State champion wrestler, and his junior year he was Delaware’s most improved wrestler. He could have been anything he wanted,” Abraham recalled. “He had a full ride to college, he had four or five colleges recruit him, and he chose Delaware State University, which they paid for his room and board, books, everything, and he just walked out when the heroin came along. He is an addict, and his life has spiraled out, my mother has custody of his child.”

Richard Abraham explained how it all got started.

“He had a wrestling injury on his knee and he went to a doctor and he got a prescription of percocets, and I think that’s where it all started down hill at that point. I’ve tried to reel him in, to keep him straight, but it’s hard because they want to get off of it but they can’t. Once they become an addict they don’t want to be there, but they can’t get away from it. It’s a battle, they steal from you, you can’t leave nothing around them so you eventually you just tough love them, and say ‘look you can’t come around here anymore, fend for yourself. You lay in bed at night, if the phone rings, and you automatically go to call and think ‘my son’s dead’ because of the drugs.

What do you do when there is nothing around here to help them? They go to detox, but when they come out of detox they can’t get medicine for two or three weeks to get into connections or somewhere else, and then once they get into connections or somewhere else if they aren’t dirty they don’t treat them,” Abraham said. “So it’s like you go to get clean, you come out, and you’ve gotta go get dirty to get long-term treatment. It’s horrific.”

Abraham thinks there needs to be more treatment options available and it needs to be offered earlier.

“My son he started shoplifting for drugs, and what they do is just slap their hand. Once they realize that drugs are involved they need to do something with them before it gets to a point where it’s severely bad, like it is now,” Abraham explained. “You’ve got young kids dying on the streets because of this. You need to be more observant of what the problem is, and catch it early. Instead of trying to fix it when they’re so deep in their addiction. I think once they catch them and realize that what they’re doing is because of drugs, they need to put them away into a secured facility that treats the drug problem, not prison.”
According to the Milford Police Department, on July 27, officers were called to the Royal Farms on South DuPont Boulevard for a tip regarding the location of a wanted man. Upon arrival, officers located 32-year-old Josh J. Abraham, of Milford, who was wanted by the Justice of the Peace Court and the Kent County Court of Common Pleas.

Abraham was taken into custody without incident, and a subsequent search turned up heroin. He has since been committed to the custody of the Delaware Department of Correction at the Sussex Correctional Institution.

(WXDE’s Rob Petree wrote this article. He is a reporter at Delaware 105.9FM)


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