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By- Sean Greene

A.I. duPont’s Shemar Parker can safely say he had the best view at least weekend’s state track meet.

The senior won the pole vault with a personal best of 12’6″.

“It’s just an awesome feeling, maybe the greatest feeling in the world, to know that you’re going so high in the air and cleared it. It’s such a sign of relief to see the bar is still up when you land on the mat.”

Outside of the high school circuit, Shemar competes in the 10-event decathlon, and says his specialization in pole vault is no accident.

“To be able to say that I’m well at something that most people won’t give an attempt to try, makes me feel better about myself. In decathlon, pole vault is one of the weakest events, so I figured I would take advantage of it, while I can.”

Off the track, Shemar is part the percussion section of A.I.’s award-winning band, and it translates to sports.

“The consistency and the beat of each step that it takes to do a stride.”

Shemar says he plans on studying kinesiology in college, hoping to take his studies, plus what he’s learned, and pay it forward to the next generation.

he scientific standards for each and every body part, and how I can help make it a better and easier trip for athletes, because it’s not great to have a feeling of pain.”


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Delaware Sports Zone
Delaware Sports Zone

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