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By- Kevin Hayes

This week has been filled with big scores, great plays, and plenty of playoff tension. Here’s the top 10, and then some, of what DelawareSportsZone saw this week.

10 : Will Knight’s first-ever Kick Return TD from 99 yards out. While we’re used to seeing Knight run-a-muck on teams, this is his first return touchdown of the Smyrna Eagle’s amazing career.

9 : Wilmington Friend’s Dani Nathan on the second effort kill in a losing effort to Ursuline Academy, but worth the HSPOTW spot with that tenacity.

8 : A.I. DuPont’s Chad Jones finds Jamir Dantley for a 51 yd Touchdown Pass in the Tiger’s 22-0 victory over Brandywine.

7 : Ceasar Rodney in United flag football action, Jaylin Keaton finds the ball and then the endzone from 31 yards out.

6 : Ursuline Academy’s Corinne Furey makes this Kill look not one easy, but too versus Wilmington Friends Saturday night.

5 : Will Knight adds another return to the resume taking this punt back 75 yards to the house. What would a fall HSPOTW be without Will Knight? A bye week.

4 : Tatnall’s Rachel Cohen gets the sneaky Kill against Charter of Wilmington in the DIAA tourney in the Hornet’s 3-2 loss to Charter of Wilmington.

3 : Brandywine’s Leo Clancy corner kicks to John Murphy and it’s in for the game-winner. Way to use your head John!

2 : Mount Pleasant’s Carter Felizzi finds Maiik Purnell who makes a stellar grab for the Touchdown in their united flag football game.

1 : HSPOTW TOP PLAY : Caravel’s point-after-attempt goes haywire but it’s Brandon Sengphachanh who recovers, scrambles and finds Ethan DeRegis to convert for an extra extra point in the big win against Glasgow at home.

Honorable mentions : The best of the rest deserve a quick view. Kudos to these and all athletes in the first state this week.
1: Glasgow’s Reggie Grinnell with the super-saiyan tackle.
2: Newark Charter’s Quinton Kramarck on the top shelf with the penalty kick.
3: Charter of Wilmington’s Erin Michalcewiz gets past the double block of Tatnall


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